mother may i

your studio in central texas for photo and video

Welcome to Mother May I and are glad you stopped by. We are a production studio located in Georgetown TX with 1900+ square feet of dedicated space and all the amenities of home.

We are currently seeking models ranging from first timers, to the amateur, to the professional in exchange for TFM (or, Time For Material). Our clothing line stores are looking for models to promote their brand which provides up to 50% off their retail price. If interested, please fill out the information on the contact tab and mention "ambassador"

Our studio offers a variety of options to help through your career. First, a meet and greet over a cup of coffee to discuss where you would like to be in the industry. Depending on your goals, we can create a composite card (known as a comp card) which is basically your resume, take a variety of shots to build a portfolio, or develop your own style/brand. Whatever the case may be, let's discuss and get you started...

Our studio offers multiple amenities such as: your own private dressing room with lighted vanity, several rooms that can have theme's setup, full kitchen and laundry